Let Wine DJ, the Liberty School iPhone app, build you the perfect playlist based on your mood, setting and which Liberty School wine you're drinking.

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What is Wine DJ?

Wine DJ generates music to pair perfectly with what you're drinking, who you're with, and what you're doing. Simply download the app, select your Hope Family Wine, set your mood, and let Wine DJ provide the tunes.

How much does Wine DJ cost?

Nada. Wine DJ is free to all.

How do I get Wine DJ on my iPhone?

Download it from the App Store on iTunes.


What does the music have to do with the wine?

Every wine has a genre of music that best accentuates its flavor. Similar to the way a hearty Cab Sauv makes filet mignon even tastier, pairing the right wine with the right music will make any evening better. Wine DJ uses this philosophy when generating your playlist so you can enjoy your Liberty School Wine to the fullest.

How are the playlists created?

First, tell Wine DJ what Liberty School Wine you're drinking, then set Wine DJ's sliders to give the details of your evening. Once the app has all of your information, it uses an algorithm created by Grooveshark to make a playlist that matches your spirits.

What do the sliders mean?

The sliders are a quick way to gauge how you're feeling and what you're doing. If you're alone you'll want to keep your slider towards "Flying Solo" but if you're with a group of three or four people you'll want to nudge the slider more towards "Entourage." There's no wrong way to interpret your mood and the sliders can be changed at any time. Each time you update the sliders, Wine DJ alters the music accordingly.

Why do I keep getting only Country or Classic Rock on my playlists?

Ultimately, Wine DJ has an opinion about which genre of music goes best with each wine. So, the genre of music you get is determined by the wine you are drinking.

Can I download or buy a song if I like it?

Yup. Just click the "Download on iTunes" button to the right of the song title and Wine DJ will take you to the iTunes store.

Can I save a playlist?

Sure. Click the "Save Playlist" button in the top right hand corner. The keypad will pop up prompting you to name your playlist. You can revisit your saved playlists by clicking the "My Playlists" button in the bottom right hand corner.

Will new songs generate in a saved playlist?

No. When you select a saved playlist, Wine DJ plays only what you chose to save.

How do I generate a new playlist?

In case you're sick of what you're listening to, simply press the "back" button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. You'll be redirected to the sliders screen where you "Set the mood." Hit the back button again to go to the "Choose your wine" screen. Changing settings on either one of these pages will prompt Wine DJ to generate a new playlist.

What should I do if I'm having problems with the music stopping or buffering?

Give Wine DJ some time to buffer. Even geniuses need a minute to think. If after a little time you're still having problems, try switching your iPhone connection settings from 3G/Edge/3GS to WIFI.

What do the favorite and trash buttons do?

These buttons tell Wine DJ what you like or dislike. The app will adjust the music accordingly without pausing the playlist. The favorite button, represented by the heart icon along the top navigation bar, tells Wine DJ to play more of the artist currently playing. The trash button, represented by the trashcan icon in the top navigation bar, tells Wine DJ not to play that artist any more.

How do I adjust the volume?

Either use the volume buttons located on the side of your iPhone or use the volume slider above the top navigation bar.


Why don't I see any wine near my location?

Wine locator searches for Hope Family Wine retailers within a 13.5 mile radius of your current location. If no pins appear on your map that means there are no Hope Family Wine retailers within the radius. Zoom out for a wider view or go to your local retailer and demand he order some stock.

Can I order wine online?

Yes. Check out and click on “Wineshop” for ordering information.


Are all iPhone models supported? Is the iPod Touch supported?

Yes and yes.

Can I run Wine DJ when I text, email or use another application?

Once you leave the app the music stops. Remember to save your playlist if you leave the application, otherwise your songs will be lost.

How do I access Wine DJ on my iPhone after I download it?

Look for the Wine DJ icon on your applications main page. It'll be the only wine glass wearing headphones.